Geetanjali Bhide

Sports and Fitness Nutritionist

Geetanjali Bhide is a nutritionist, academician, researcher, author, blogger and a speaker.


“Enrich food, ensure fitness” for the society


"Food is what we all relish, it nourishes us, helps us attain health, fitness and performance.Let food not be the weak link in your health. I believe in the power of foods and provide evidence based nutrition solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals."


I have over 15years of experience in academics. I have worked at reputed colleges and universities in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. I teach courses in food science, human nutrition, sports nutrition and mentor students at post graduate level.

As a sports nutritionist, I develop nutrition and supplement plans for elite, child, novice,recreational athletes in different phases of training and competition. The focus is to help athletes achieve optimal performance. The plan is devised in alliance with coaches, parents, sports medicine experts, psychologist and physiotherapists.

I work as a nutrition science expert, invited panel member, speaker with corporates, start-ups, to promote healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition trends come and go- I am committed to provide authentic nutrition solutions,through my talks, blogs, personalized diet plans.