Sports Nutrition

Success in sports is not just training. Food impacts sports performance, whether you are a young, novice, elite or a recreational athlete. The right intake of nutrients, hydration will help you to attain sports specific body composition, train well, recover quickly and prevent injuries. Nutrition plans are customized and periodized based on the training and competition needs. Optimize your strength, endurance and agility with this comprehensive program.

Key features

  • Comprehensive assessment(body composition, training/competition)
  • Review of current diet, phase of training, nutritional supplement intake.
  • Individual meal plan
  • Nutritional supplements- guide
  • Guide to eating out/travel/competition/off season
  • Ongoing assessment and support.


Workshops on sports and exercise nutrition are designed for athletes, coaches, fitness trainers, recreational athlete groups, dietitians and fitness enthusiasts. The interactive workshops are a great way to learn, and update your knowledge on current trends, guidelines, and practices in the field of nutrition.